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Top tips for successful marketing in 2019

by on January 4, 2019 in Best advertising story, Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Search Marketing, Small Business, Startups

Top tips for successful marketing in 2019

A new year has finally arrived, which means that many people are hitting the reset button. They’re ready for the challenges and victories that accompany a new year.

For professionals, a new year also means new trends and meeting new objectives. As competition is continuously increasing in every industry, it’s imperative that you aim to stay a few steps ahead.

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What this means for business owners is looking at the things that worked for you last year and using them in a better way in this new year. It could also mean being open to trying new strategies to help you see growth too. On that note, you will find the top tips for successful marketing in 2019 below.

Let Creativity Lead

As a marketer, one of your first points of focus in the new year should be creativity.

Find ways to unleash all of those hidden ideas and use your imagination.

In doing so, you should be able to find more unique ways of connecting with your audience. Below are a few practical ways that you can spark creativity within yourself and your team:

  • Become an expert: Before you can truly explore your creativity, sometimes you have to become an expert. In light of this, dedicate time this year to learning more about marketing and filling any knowledge gaps that you might have. Listening to Ted talks as well as getting a mentor could help, for example.

  • Be playful: Another way to be more creative is to bring out your inner child. Children are often highly creative because they have no barriers to their imagination. Allow your mind to wander and take time out to play and do things that make you feel inspired. You could also try different forms of creative writing such as storytelling to help too.

  • Change your routine: At times, repetition and lack of spontaneity can be the enemy of progress. Change up your daily routine as a way of sparking your inner creative. Doing so should help you experience new things and see new places which are crucial if you want to be creative.

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Stay Up-to-date

Things are continually changing in the marketing sphere, so staying up-to-date is necessary. This is especially true if you’re in digital marketing as there are always new developments.

Having said that, some essential SEO Trends for 2019 to look out for are creating a highly reputable, reliable brand, utilising natural links and creating high quality content without keyword stuffing. You will also want to work on avoiding duplicate content because Google can identify it much better nowadays.

Be Authentic

As people engage with so much content on a daily basis, many are tired of seeing the same things repeatedly. You, therefore, have to start with your best foot forward this year and bring authentic and fresh marketing to the table.

Think about what makes you unique and capitalise on that. However, a few ways to ensure you’re authentic as a business includes:

  • Find your voice: What distinguishes authentic marketing from inauthentic marketing is the voice used in both. Find your voice by digging into the core values and beliefs of the brand you’re marketing for and making sure it’s present in all that you do.

  • Believe in your marketing: Focus on marketing content that you believe in and not just trying to sell. Your audience should trust in everything that you’re putting out, and hopefully, you’ll get better results.

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