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4 reasons printed mugs make great corporate gifts

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4 reasons printed mugs make great corporate gifts

As the new year begins, business owners are faced with the task of reminding their customers about their brand in the right ways.

Free giveaways, for example, should be light hearted and fun, but they should also represent brand values. It’s even better if they promote those values.

It’s why printed mugs and other promotional products are a popular choice. In fact, printed mugs make perfect corporate gifts because they suit many types of personality. Every employee has a use for one.

They are practical without losing that personal touch.

This guide to the benefits of gifting with printed mugs will help you find the perfect treat for employees this year and is a ideal coporate gift.

1. They’re Fun and Professional

For company owners, there are clear rules associated with gifting. Above all else, rewards and tokens of gratitude need to be professional and appropriate.

While interoffice gift giving can get a little silly throughout the year, management usually stick with neutral, brand appropriate items.

Printed mugs are a fantastic choice because they are inclusive. No matter their religion, gender, lifestyle or background, there’s no risk of offending employees with a branded mug.

2. They’re Easy to Produce

The availability of branded products makes it easy for larger companies to give gifts to employees. Buying gifts can become expensive for everybody, without factoring in the cost of office celebrations. It can also be a busy and chaotic time.

The best gifts are produced with as little fuss and delay as possible. Fortunately, it couldn’t be easier to order high quality printed mugs, even for a large team. Most manufacturers only require you to submit a company logo or design and the number of mugs needed.

3. They Celebrate Your Team

It’s worth noting printed mugsare a way to remind employees they’re part of your business ‘family.’ It’s nice to feel like part of a community and nothing says togetherness like a shared token or accessory.

These kinds of gifts foster a sense of unity and togetherness. Little tokens and rewards, like printed mugs, acknowledge the work of employees and the brand they strive to advance. Plus, by opting for a promotional design, you’re furthering the strength of your brand narrative.

4. They Are Useful Every Day

What other corporate gift is going to get as much use as a printed mug with an attractive design?

Promotional mugs are the most popular type of branded product for good reason. They are useful. And they are practical.

Most get used every day.

Expect printed mugs to hang around in the office kitchen for a long time to come. You can guarantee this type of corporate token will get used. Plus, there are no worries about satisfying different types of personality.

Why Branded Items Are a Great Way to Gift

Gift giving doesn’t have to be all about promotion, but printed mugs and cups tick all the right boxes. They are appropriate, fun and highly practical. If you’ve got a large office or department to care for, it’s an easy way to gift give without running up a huge bill.

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