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Top tips to remember when packaging and shipping items for a business

If you are shipping an item for a business, it is important to package it the best way. Here are tips to remember when packaging and shipping items.

Every year, more than 65 billion packages get shipped worldwide.

With so many people ordering things online, it’s not surprising that rates of package delivery have increased. There are still a lot of things that can go wrong during the packing and shipping process, though.

If you have to pack and ship products as part of your business, keep reading. Listed below are some tips that will and more efficient.

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Reuse Old Shipping Boxes

Reusing old shipping boxes is a great way to reduce waste and save money. There’s a key to reusing shipping boxes, though.

To avoid confusion and ensure your products get delivered safely and on time, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Remove old shipping labels and barcodes

  • Or, cover them up completely

  • Check the box for damage before shipping

This last tip is especially important. It’ll help you avoid sending a damaged product to your customer.

Look for Free Supplies

Did you know that you can get access to free packing supplies? All major shipping companies offer promotions that help you get the tools you need.

Some will give you free boxes and envelopes if you join their program. Others offer free packaging to all customers.

Do a bit of digging to figure out what is available to you in your area. The amount of money you can save by doing this will surprise you.

Use the H-Tape Method

The H-tape method is the best method to use when packing boxes. As the name suggests, you tape the box up so the tape lies in the shape of the letter “H.”

This involves laying pieces of tape down across the short ends of the upper surface of the package, then laying down another piece across the middle.

By doing this, you’ll ensure that your package stays sealed on its way to its final destination.

Use the Right Kind of Tape

Speaking of tape, there’s more to packing that using the right taping method. You also need to make sure you’re using the right kind of tape.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to use plastic tape or reinforced paper tape. It ought to be about two inches in width, too. Using this kind of tape will ensure that your packages stay closed.

Steer clear of masking tape or cellophane tape. Neither of these is strong enough to get the job done. Avoid using duct tape, too, as well as string and rope, both of which can get caught on pieces of equipment and cause damage to packages.

Know When to Double-Box

Many businesses are working hard these days to reduce waste and are cutting down on unnecessary packaging. In general, that’s a great thing. Sometimes, though, you need to double-box an item.

When you’re shipping fragile items, double-boxing can give you an added layer of protection and help to decrease the chances of that item breaking while in transit.

Remember, double-boxing isn’t a substitute for additional cushioning. It’s only an extra protective measure you can take.

Include an Inside Label

Don’t forget to include an inside label when packing your boxes.

This helps to save your customers a step if they have to ship their item back for whatever reason. They’ll appreciate that you thought of this extra detail and saved them from having to print the label themselves.

You may want to include a business card or coupon in the package, too. That way, the customer will be more likely to keep you in mind for future purchases.

Always Check Shipping Schedules

No matter how familiar you are with the shipping process, it’s always a good idea to check shipping schedules for your area.

This will help you know if any potential delays could slow down your delivery. It also helps you give customers an accurate estimate of when they can expect to receive their packages.

Keep Holidays in Mind

Always keep holidays in mind when giving people delivery estimates, too. Holidays (especially gift-giving holidays like Christmas) can slow down delivery times and make it harder for people to get their packages on time.

You should also keep holidays in mind when running promotions that might drive up your sales and the number of packages or envelopes you’re shipping out. You should also consider having personalized boxes for shipping to have holiday themed packaging.

Plan Ahead for Busy Times

These days, people have short attention spans, and they have no patience for slow package delivery times. They don’t care if it’s the holidays or if there’s inclement weather in your area. They want their packages as soon as possible.

To keep your customers happy and get them their products on time, it’s important to plan for busy seasons.

Make sure you have plenty of packaging materials on hand so you can get everything packed up promptly. You may even want to hire some temporary help to speed up the process.

Use Tracking Services

It doesn’t matter if you’re shipping a package to a PO box or someone’s front door. Either way, it’s a good idea to make use of tracking services.

Tracking services monitor your packages and let you know where they are at any given time.

This helps give you an idea of when the package will reach its final destination. It’ll also help you keep track of any delays so you can alert your customers ahead of time.

Start Shipping Items Today

No matter how much you’re trying to package and ship, these tips will come in handy. Keep them in mind so you can get your items to customers on time and in great condition.

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