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What is a popunder ad and how to use it

by on March 2, 2020 in Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Social Media, Startups

What is a popunder ad and how to use it

As you are undoubtedly aware, there is a wide range of different digital adverts used today, in various sizes and shapes with very different purposes to one another.

Popunder ads are one of the go-to formats for many marketers because of how much they can help increase the effectiveness of campaigns and increase profits. Well, that’s only possible if they are used properly.

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If you are interested in that kind of advertising, you’ve come to the right place, as we are going to discuss what popunder ads are and how you can use them best.

What Are Popunder Ads?

Popunder ads are like pop-ups as they automatically open when you click on a specific site built with them.

However, they differ in that they are less obtrusive and, as the name suggests, open behind your browser window when you click on a website that is using them.

To see these kinds of ads you need to close the windows or collapse them at the very least. Compared to more traditional forms of advertising, popunders have a very limited effect on your experience using a website.

How to Use Them

Now we have covered the basics of what popunder ads are, you will want to know how you can use them most effectively. Below we are going to suggest some tips for getting the most out of popunders.

Make Sure Your Ads Are Branded

Some statistics and studies suggest around 73% of online consumers are more interested in branded ads than they are generic ads.

Therefore, it is important to make sure your logo and branding are featured prominently in your popunder ads. As well as increasing your credibility, it can also help to establish and strengthen your consumer’s loyalty to your brand.

Offer High-Quality Content That’s Valuable and Relevant to Your Target Audience

It can be a little tricky tiring to offer content that has value through ads. Therefore, so many marketers often opt for including a promo code or freebie.

If it is appropriate for the sector your business operates, you may want to encourage users to click on your ads and pay attention to them by providing some useful content with the help of an agency like Ad-Maven to produce an infographic or gated study.

Use Targeting

You must use targeting when putting adverts together and releasing them. This is true for all ads, and popunders are no exception to the rule. Make sure the geo-targeting is set correctly as well as other effective options based on what’s available to you. It may be that you target your popunders using orientation, age, interests, language or even time zones.

Create Numerous Versions of Ads

Rather than using the exact same content all the time and creating what is known as ad fatigue, you need to try and create something fresh for your target audience.

Try to come up with a number of different versions of your ads and switch and change these when targeting people who may have already seen one before.


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