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PPC Click Fraud ClickCease Discount Code

PPC Click Fraud ClickCease Discount Code

PPC Click fraud is a type of online fraud that occurs on the net In this type of advertising fraud. people setup a website that setups the advert on their website and are paid by the number of clicks on the adverts
Fraud occurs when a person, script bot computer program or an auto clicker pretends to a legitimate reader on the website., they then click on advert without having actual interest in the target of the adverts link. Click fraud is subject to a lot of controversy and litigation due to the advertising networks being a beneficiary of the fraud.
Entrepreneur and journalist John Battelle describes click fraud as the intentionally practice of publishers gaming the system with paid search advertising by employing web bots or third world low-wage workers to click on adverts on their websites repeatedly, which generates cash to be paid by the advertiser to the website publisher and to any third party agent the advertiser may be using.

For years, online search engines have been getting a lot of issues for not going the extra mile to identify and control PPC click fraud. Unfortunately, a lot of people think PPC Click fraud is not really an issue for the search engines, and they pay lip service to try to control PPC fraud within their networks. Fake or real click both generate revenue for the search engines.

Google has developed the strongest by far the anti-click fraud program. Their system of detection uses an advanced approach that starts with AI automated filters. Advanced AI algorithms detect and filter out invalid clicks in real time before online advertisers are even charged. Since these PPC filters cannot be relied on to catch all the fraudulent clicks, Google’s Adverts Traffic Quality Team also conducts real-time manual analysis and removes any fraudulent clicks that they deem invalid before advertisers are charged. Aside from these measures, Google also launches investigations based on google advertisers’ reports of a suspicious activity or suspected fraud. Anytime malicious clicks are detected, they are labelled as “invalid” and credits are issued to the account. Although in reality to get these refunds are really difficult, and Google makes the whole process as difficult as possible.

There are various PPC fraud detection companies out there, one of them ClickCease does offer a or here is a link to their Facebook ClickCease discount code