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B2B lead generation tips every business needs in 2022

 For 67% of companies, lead generation is the only metric they use to measure success. Chart, background pattern

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In B2B lead generation, you attract new leads to your business, nurture them, and convert them to paying customers. 

It is impossible for a company to succeed without a B2B lead generation strategy. 

A business’s revenue and growth are dependent on its target audience. 

As a B2B marketer, if you don’t have leads to follow up on, your sales team can’t sell. 

Why are leads so important in B2B marketing? 

Without a regular source of quality leads, your company cannot maximise growth and revenue. 

The goal of B2B lead generation is to increase visibility, credibility, and trust from a specific group of buyers (potential leads). 

Good prospects lead to more customers and an increase of revenue.

To secure regular leads you need to implement effective lead generation strategies.

As a B2B lead generation agency, More Than Words Marketing specialises in B2B lead generation and prospect nurturing. 

Here are a few of our best tips to help businesses maximise the effectiveness of their marketing strategy – and lead generation efforts – in 2022.

To attract prospects as well as nurture them, use lead magnets

Publishing informative content is an effective way of attracting your target audience and establishing trust.

While that is true, it does not mean that your best content should be made public – gated content can help generate and qualify warm leads. 

In order to access gated content, a potential customer is required to provide personal information including their name, contact details, job title, and what their needs or challenges are.

Through marketing automation, prospects will then receive regular, exclusive content that provides real value in return for their information.

This data can be used by your business to nurture and remarket to them as a qualified lead.

Send emails

Email marketing generates an ROI of £42 for every £1 spent. 

It is possible to build an email list of prospect leads. 

Use social media marketing and guest posts to build your email list organically, or use a data broker to find businesses that need your products and services.

If you request people’s email addresses, you need to make signing up for your newsletter worth their time. 

The key to sales lead-winning emails is to avoid being too sales-y. 

Share content that is useful to them such as quick tips, interviews with industry leaders, or subscriber-only content resources and discounts. 

Make sure you consistently message your list. It helps you set expectations so your audience becomes used to receiving your emails.

Make your calls to action funnel-oriented

Whatever channels you’re using, or whatever stage of the funnel you’re targeting, adding the right calls to action (CTAs) is crucial to your marketing content.

Having prompts is valuable for two reasons: It tells prospects what to do after viewing it and guides them further down your sales funnel.

CTAs do not need to be salesy or pushy. The most effective CTAs differ according to where a customer is in the funnel.

These are some lead generation CTAs to get you started:

1.       Find out (what our product/service can do for you) by taking our quiz

2.       For advanced tips, download our guide.

3.       Check out our new case study to learn how (product/service) has helped others.

Consider CTAs like these to drive conversions and sales:

1.       Get your free trial started now.

2.       Watch the demos now.

3.       Don’t miss this special offer.

Marketing by phone

UK DMA statistics show that for every pound spent on B2B telemarketing, £11 worth of new business is generated.

People prefer buying from people, so B2B telemarketing continues to have a strong impact today.

Business relationships are largely formed following a conversation between two people.

During a live conversation, more information is shared than during an email exchange.

When you are on the phone with the other person, it is much easier to get them to tell you what you want to know rather than asking them to send you an email.

You will learn here how to accelerate your business-to-business sales.

Through our B2B lead generation service, More Than Words’ experienced B2B telemarketing agents book appointments, generate leads, carry out market/customer research, cleanse databases, and more.

Among all B2B telemarketing services we offer, appointment setting remains by far the most popular since it generates the greatest return on investment.

In fact, appointment setting is the last step in the B2B lead generation process. As soon as the prospect has an appointment booked, it’s up to the salesperson or representative to guide them through the B2B sales journey and close the deal. 

Regardless of whether you create your own marketing lead generation strategy, look into outsourcing lead generation to a lead generation company or a mix of the two, your B2B company has a wide range of options for generating leads and sales. 

The right mix of direct marketing and digital content marketing will help you meet your goals while staying on budget.

Another option to try is website chat for inbound lead conversions for example chat for website free

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