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How to Stay Compliant When Digital Marketing 

As soon as technology and marketing intersect, there are new laws that you have to consider that rule what you can and cannot do with your campaign. Although you might believe that you have free reign and that compliance does not come into marketing, this is not the case. Here are some of the top ways that you can stay compliant when you are starting to market your products online. 

  • Use GRC Software

GRC software is a great application to download if you are struggling with remaining compliant while using the internet. This is because it can offer you support in a range of different ways, including helping you to manage data privacy when you are marketing your products. For instance, you should always ask for consent when you are adding customers to your mailing list, and you should give them the option to unsubscribe whenever they want to. By downloading GRC software, you will be able to automate your compliance processes and ensure that they do not become big issues for your digital marketing campaigns. Then, you should head to to see what their software can offer you in 2023. 

  • Be Honest and Clear 

The top step that you can take to stay compliant when you are using technology to market your business is to stay honest and clear. For instance, you should make sure that you do not make any false claims about your products, especially if they are health items such as CBD, and that you advertise exactly what your customers will be receiving. You should not be coy about the price of your items, avoid hiding any extra charges or features of your product or service, and state clearly any side effects or dangers of using what you are marketing. This will make sure that you do not find yourself in a legal battle with a customer who has believed any false claims you have made. 

  • Check Legal Guidelines and Contracts

When you have decided to market your business online, the first step that you should take, though, is to check what legal guidelines apply to you and ensure that you implement them. For instance, you might get anyone in a marketing video of yours to sign a video release form, and you might disclose the nature of your relationship when you are working with influencers. If you are struggling to get to grips with the law around the internet and marketing, you should speak to a legal department about the challenges you face. 

  • Be Careful with Images and Other Third-Party Content

If you want to source an image off the internet for your website or even for social media, it is important that you check its permissions and that you do not post it without first seeing whether it is in the public domain and royalty-free. Some pictures might be free, but you might need to acknowledge the original author of the image, and, in some cases, you might need to look for a different image altogether to avoid breaking copyright and ownership laws.