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Smarter Emails, Mailvivo 2 : Who else wants to deliver multiple versions of a single email based on the interests of subscribers? / Mark Gooding

After launching our new newsletter for theMarketingblog we thought it would be very useful to our readers if we featured Mark Gooding of Mailvivo (our newsletter partner) in a special five part information series.

Mark will concentrate on various pointers on how you can take your multichannel marketing to another level using the Mailvivo platform.

This time Mark looks at Smarter Emails

He will talk about how the combination of intelligent emails, landing pages, microsites, surveys, SMS, social media and real-time analytics results in customer response rates that will exceed your expectations.

This more than useful five part review from Mark continues this time with… Smarter Emails

Create highly targeted, responsive dynamic content, allowing you to deliver multiple versions of a single email based on the interests of your subscribers.

Further increase the effectiveness of your targeting with Engagement Scoring to instantly identify highly engaged or low performing customer groups and individuals.

First time round Mark focussed on ‘Quality designs which are easy to maintain’

Mailvivo Sales & General Enquiries: 0845 644 3730

Helpdesk: 0871 288 4421

Office: Dorset House, Regent Park, Kingston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7PL

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