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A vital question for UK marketers – Be honest, how happy are you with your social media efforts?

How does it look for one of the biggest agencies in the world who also happen to have a digital/social media division, to have only 500 people following them on Twitter or a couple of hundred Facebook fans? Wouldn’t exactly fill me with confidence…”

Mike Morgan, Founder and Director of High Profile Enterprises

More questions for you…

  • Is your content getting shared and commented on?
  • Are your social media actions generating leads?
  • Are your social media interactions managed by a relatively junior member of the team or does social business have buy-in and management from the executive leve

Yes, it is easy to talk about the new content paradigm and how storytelling creates powerful brand connections with your target market. But what exactly is your content strategy? How often does your agency publish on the agency blog? (If you answer less than twice a week you are wasting your time)

How well optimised is each post for keywords, Meta Data and deep links?

  • What is your blog promotion strategy – publish and hope people will read it?
  • Or do you have a content production calendar with multiple contributors who must hit deadlines?
  • Do you have a range of RSS syndication, social bookmarking, pinging services, direct marketing promotion, social media scheduling and online PR strategies which get utilised every time you publish?

If these important questions – and your answers are of concern to you then seriously consider talking to theMarketingblog about getting a more consistent content marketing strategy for your company.

You can have a quality article appearing every week in theMarketingblog, included in its  partner newsletter and most important of all spread across Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+,Facebook social media sites. All this is achievable at a really low cost. A promise – It will not tear your marketing budget wide open.

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