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“70% of companies generate insufficient leads” / Special report back on a road test for StrategyMix

by on July 14, 2013 in CRM, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Lead story, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Retail, Small Business, Startups

There is a well used metaphor of a salesperson as a ‘lonely hunter’ out to capture dinner.

Phil Fernandez in his new book ‘Revenue Disruption’ uses a farming metaphor for readers who tend in a more vegetarian direction. I am going to use Phil’s breakdown as an editorial platform for a report back on a road test for StrategyMix which theMarketingblog ran earlier this year. StrategyMix provides a range of very cost effective, automated, marketing tools to help generate and nurture better quality leads for business.

1. Early awareness and preference building or ‘Seed Nurturing’

Think of this as planting seeds – that is, initiating small, early stage, not yet mature relationships with your customers to be. This early awareness aspect in the StrategyMix road test allowed me to reach both those prospects I had some contact with before and a brand new set of decision makers and influencers.

What was involved? We used a focused, well checked list of over 1,700 UK marketing prospects. The message used was very important. We knew that 80% of the potential readership was tied up with the quality of the headline. In the road test the help the StrategyMix team gave me in setting up the content etc, was way beyond the normal. This is an aspect of their support plan which they take seriously and it shows. 30 Love to StrategyMix for this one

Please judge for yourself if we succeeded with our White Paper / Information shot.

80% of sales occur after the 5th contact with your prospect…but most business owners only reach out to new leads two or three times

First of all you have to get those all important leads. That’s where the ‘theMarketingblog’ Influencer Plan plays its part. It allows you to create breakthrough content and still have the budget to fund distributing that content. The leads follow. This is an idea that builds on the 9 year platform and track record of theMarketingblog and extends your reach, influencing power and search engine position.

If you are interested please contact Will Corry on 01784 434 412 or via email at:

You can get our new case study 13 Reasons the Blog Post Is the New Ad Unit – it outlines exactly how you can take the social media high ground for your company in the upcoming months.

To download the copy of the white paper, click here.

One thing is for sure. Your time will be well spent – that’s a promise.

Courtesy of Steve Hall, adRants


2. Core engagement and relationship development or Lead Nurturing

You have planted the seeds, and a good number have sprouted and grown. The goal is to nurture the most promising – lavishing water, fertilizer on the best while thinning and pruning out the weaklings.

After the pruning etc. the StrategyMix road test came up with 11 ‘most promising’ leads. We set about giving them our best ‘fertilizer’ attention and we ended up with a final prospect list of five worthwhile prospects.

One very different approach StrategyMix included was a reader survey. One of the prospects completed this which indicated a very high degree of interest. A very ‘happy’ extra benefit which culminated in worthwhile business. 40 Love to StrategyMix for this one.


3. Qualification to Close

It’s harvest time. However realise not all of your crops will mature at the same rate. You need to identify which fruit is ready for picking at any given moment, and harvest your meal at that instant of perfect ripeness.

We can report back that the StrategyMix road test ‘perfect ripeness’ score was high. Out of the five worthwhile prospects three gave us business. Given that this was a one shot exercise that result was exceptional. Game Set and Match to StrategyMix.

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