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Crowdfunding / A subscription model where customers are sent monthly underware parcels

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MeUndies, a startup known for its underwear-spewing vending machines, is hoping to get your funding for a live video tool to help make sure you’re buying the most flattering undergarments.

The video offering is more of a customer service support tool than a virtual dressing room. It’s a one-way feature where you can see the reps but MeUndies can’t see what you look like in your skivvies, so there’s no infringing upon your privacy.

Reps are able to make recommendations and drop links to similar products via a live text sidebar. Users can also opt to have a male or female staffer help them. Those more shy can send in photos to MeUndies.

MeUndies makes money via a subscription model where customers are sent monthly apparel shipments, and through one-off orders. The Los Angeles company is attempting to get this project underway via the crowdfunding platform Crowdtilt, hoping to raise $30,000 in 30 days.

About a third of the way through the campaign, more than $12,000 has been pledged.

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