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Siemens UK launches new brand identity

Siemens, the global engineering company, launched its new brand positioning in the UK at the 2016 International Festival of Business (IFB).

Developed by Ogilvy & Mather, the new positioning – ‘Ingenuity for life’ – will be launched through press, PR, online, outdoor advertising and social media channels. It is designed to showcase not only the impact the company’s innovative technology has on the worlds of manufacturing, energy and infrastructure, but also the impact it has on society as a whole.

Claire Jarvis, Director of Communications, Siemens Plc, comments: “While ‘Ingenuity for life’ is our new brand positioning, it has been part of our DNA for the past 170 years. As a technology leader, we continue to be at the forefront of inventions and innovations that touch all areas of our lives, ranging from delivering cleaner energy sources, to creating more efficient factories or constructing future cities. This is why the International Festival of Business is the perfect platform to launch our new identity.

“‘Ingenuity for life’ demonstrates that the technology solutions we produce not only solve our customers’ issues, but also have a wider impact on society as whole. The driving force behind this is digitalisation. It is accelerating the pace of business and changing the way our customers interact with their customers. Without ingenuity, the technological advancements that powered the first, second, third and now fourth industrial revolutions – and the subsequent societal impact – would not have happened.”

The new campaign will showcase ‘Ingenuity for life’ across three core areas – the Future of Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy, and Intelligent Infrastructure. Each area will demonstrate how Siemens’ technologies impact everyday lives through case studies and videos.

Claire Jarvis continues: “Take the future of manufacturing as an example. Using digitalisation and intelligent automation helps our customers shorten time to market, increase productivity, and take advantage of mass customisation. By helping our customers realise this potential, it secures their success, in turn having a wider impact on society – securing the future of industry and vital jobs in the UK.

“Added to this, where our technologies are really making an impact is in enabling mass customisation.  Our customers can now mass produce products to meet their individual customers’ specific needs.  This is what ‘Ingenuity for life’ means in practice.

“Similarly, using digital technologies to boost the performance of new and existing transport infrastructure will lead to increased efficiency, providing a strong backbone for the economy.  The impact of smart motorways and smart rail on the general public is increased capacity and reliability on the transport network.

“Finally, our new wind turbine factory in Hull is the epitome of ‘Ingenuity for life’. Not only are we investing in the future of the UK offshore wind industry, there are the wider societal benefits that comes with developing a sustainable energy system, which is critical for economic prosperity and social development.

“The Hull factory will also create around 1,000 jobs – and many more indirectly – including an apprentice scheme to train the next generation of engineers. This really is ingenuity for life in action.”

The UK launch of ‘Ingenuity for life’ follows recent launches in Germany, China and the USA.