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Printed tote bags for your event or group

by on March 27, 2019 in Events & Awards, Lead story, Marketing, News you can use, Nuggets

Printed tote bags for your event or group

You’re in charge, and you want to make sure that your big event comes off as the best of the best, and one that your guests will remember forever.

Whether it’s a wedding, a family reunion, a bachelorette party or girls’ weekend away, printed tote bags are useful at the time and a long-lasting reminder of a time that everyone will want to keep.

If the whole family is gathering from near and far for a holiday together, printed tote bags are a brilliant way for organizers to give out packets of information, schedules, itineraries and contact information.

Because it has your special family design on it, family members carrying them are easily spotted in a crowd, and the bags can create a sense of being part of something unique.

Perhaps you’re hosting Christmas get-togethers for the large extended family, or milestone wedding anniversaries that gather family members from all over. You can give special bags commemorating the occasion to attendees and be assured of being remembered long afterward.

You may decide to give them out to the important people who have done so much to make your wedding day special.

Printed perhaps with the bride’s and groom’s names and wedding date, they can serve as a lasting reminder of the day you started your journey together, and the people who made it so memorable.

If you are having a destination wedding, your guests will use them long after they return home, reminded each time they use them of the wonderful time you shared.

Perhaps you have put together a special group and want to do something to identify group members.

Your book club can carry their books to meetings in a printed tote bag. Your cooking club can carry the ingredients they are bringing to share. Your running club has something in which members can carry their shoes and kit to races and events.

Students of schools of dance or martial arts have a promotional bag to carry their practice gear to and from class. Your Girl Guide troop, your rugby team, the Little League baseball team, your church choir – the desire to belong is one of our strongest needs, and printed tote bags with your group name increase group pride and togetherness.

And maybe it’s an end of the year party for the hardworking employees of your business, or a holiday gift, or a little something to commemorate their work anniversary.

Printed tote bags and promotional bags can be used a myriad of creative ways. Perhaps you’ll give them stuffed with smaller gifts like an ice scraper and car wash coupons for the car in the winter time. Maybe you will slip some sunscreen and a water bottle inside for summer activities.

No matter what you decide, the bag remains with them, and is a proud memento of their work with your company.

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Whatever your special group or event, printed tote bags are a wonderful and practical gift for your guests and group members, and one that will keep them talking about that unforgettable time in your lives.

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