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Tom Hanks Doubly Warns About AI and Deepfake Misuse

In a recent episode of the Adam Buxton Podcast, celebrated actor Tom Hanks raised concerns about the rampant misuse of AI and deepfake technology, highlighting its ability to take creative control and alter the performances of actors. Hanks, known for his versatile character portrayals in movies like The Polar Express, emphasized the need for vigilance in an era where AI or deepfake manipulation can recreate his image and character without his permission.

Hanks, a beloved figure among fans, expressed his profound concern about the implications for both actors and their dedicated supporters. He cautioned everyone to beware of deceptive AI-generated content that can infiltrate our computer screens and TV broadcasts, often appearing real and lifelike.

Getty Images, a prominent source of visual content, has also voiced alarm about AI’s ability to alter the perceived age of individuals in photographs and videos. This issue has far-reaching consequences for the entertainment industry, where actors may find their performances can go through significant disputes, affecting the meaning and degree of creative control they have over their work.

As a representative of SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ guild, Hanks has been at the forefront of ongoing discussions regarding the ethical use of AI in film and television. He’s doubly warned fans about the legal and creative minefield that arises when AI is harnessed to promote various products, including a dental plan, through fictitious endorsements.

In a world inundated with lifelike AI-generated content on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms, Hanks urged everybody to tread carefully. He underscored the importance of cultivating a deeper understanding of the potential consequences of AI for the creative community, particularly writers and performers.

Hanks, in a remarkable turn of events, shared his personal experience. He noted that not only his image but also AI-generated versions of himself wearing a suit jacket and a black shirt have emerged online without his permission. This revelation has propelled him to take proactive measures to safeguard the rights of actors in this digital age.

As we journey into the future, it is of paramount importance to heed Tom Hanks’s double warning. The proliferation of AI in the entertainment industry will undoubtedly continue, presenting a dual challenge of innovation and misuse. Hanks has demonstrated his deep concern for the welfare of his fellow actors and the integrity of storytelling.

Whether you’re an ardent fan, a fellow actor, or an industry insider, the message is clear: be doubly mindful of AI’s transformative influence. Tom Hanks has sounded the alarm not once, but twice, and it’s our collective responsibility to act decisively to protect the cherished characters, productions, and the very essence of cinema.

The recent actors’ strike and the resolution of the writers’ strike have brought these issues to the forefront of industry discussions. The entertainment world is undergoing a significant transformation, and the need for an agreement between actors and studios regarding AI-generated versions of performances is becoming increasingly evident.

In America, approved guidelines and alliances are being established to address these concerns, but the dispute over the creative control of AI-generated content remains a fact that cannot be ignored. With the ability to create lifelike versions of actors and characters, anybody could be hit by the implications of AI’s expanding influence. Writers, actors, and users of entertainment alike must consider the way forward in this evolving landscape, where AI-generated content has recently become a star player.