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Warm up new prospects with custom drink-ware – Benefits of promotional mugs

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Warm up new prospects with custom drink-ware – Benefits of promotional mugs

All successful salespeople understand the power of planting a seed of interest in the customer’s mind.

If you can manage to do that, you will have won the battle halfway, and you will have almost convinced the customer to buy from you.

When you introduce customers to your goods and services in a friendly and approachable manner, you are sure to catch their interest and will have dealt with most of the obstacles to succeeding in business.

One way of doing it right is by using Promotional Mugs & Printed Mugs. Promotional mugs will end up becoming part of the client’s routine, thus making it an unforgettable item.

When done correctly, it will boost your sales considerably and you will be happy with the attention that you will receive. Mugs expose your brand to a vast client market.

Tips for marketing using promotional mugs

The use of Promotional Mugs & Printed Mugs can be likened to a business card because both provide an introduction and cement the memory of the brand on the client’s mind. Here’s how to use mugs.

  • Select a high-quality product

A consumer can hang on to a promo mug for an average of eight months. So, ensure that the drink ware is of high quality so that it can last for a prolonged period.

Remember that the mug’s quality during this time will partially determine what the customer thinks of your brand. Poorly made Promotional Mugs & Printed Mugs will make the client to think poorly of your business and they might fail to buy from you.

Use legible artwork on the design. You should aim for a mug that is attractive, fade-resistant and easy to read. Your mugs will not have a positive effect on your brand if they do not look professional or if they fade after a few rounds in a dishwasher.

  • Make an interesting design

You can choose to make a simple design with a tagline and a standard logo, but there is no harm in being extra. Some industries might require that you remain conservative more than creative.

However, mugs with a “wow” factor design are friendlier and fun to use. You can include a memorable line that will make the client eager to show off the drink-ware

Benefits of using promotional mugs

  1. They give an incentive

It is not a coincidence that diplomats give gifts during intense negotiations. A thoughtful gesture will set a positive tone for the remaining part of the conversation, which is also a great way of enhancing your marketing efforts.

Give clients a reason to drop their guard, and you will not have a hard time receiving a “yes”.

  1. Customers appreciate value

Unlike advertisements, Promotional Mugs are not obstructive. If anything, they give the customer pleasure by serving a warm drink such as coffee, tea and chocolate. They offer something that encourages consumers to be attracted to your brand.

  1. They boost recognition

If you think that the consumer will forget your business name when you hand a promotional product, you are wrong.

Ninety percent of consumers will remember brands that gave them a freebie.

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