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Try these 5 strategies to reward your employees and promote company culture

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Try these 5 strategies to reward your employees and promote company culture

Rewarding Performance in the Office: Try These 5 Strategies

Proving your employees with a rewards system can be a great way to boost performance. Here are 5 ways you can start rewarding performance.

Are you thinking about rewarding performance in the office via cash bonuses and incentives? Think again: the modern workplace and healthy company cultures are no longer based on money awards to motivate employees.

In fact, monetary compensation the last on the list to make your employees give their best and perform better. The key to happy employees is how they’re treated, appreciated, and rewarded for their hard work, both publicly and privately.

Here are 5 unique ways to reward your employees for their hard work and dedication, and build a better relationship with them.

  1. Treat Them With Experiences

One of the best and most effective employee rewards systems is to treat high achievers with customized experiences.

Some examples are tickets for a sporting event, cooking lessons, a day at the spa, wine tasting, animal charity events, and movie tickets.

Find out what the employee’s interests are outside of work so you can personalize the experience even more. This often works better than just giving them a bonus. It shows the employee you care and are grateful to have them.

  1. Additional Vacation Time

No matter how great your vacation policy is, people can always use some additional time off. This is especially welcome after an intense quarter or a difficult project.

You can surprise the employee with a fully booked weekend or a vacation of your choice or have them choose a destination. If they don’t want to travel, just giving them extra days off is a great employment reward on its own.

  1. Certificate of Achievement

Certificates of achievement are among the simplest, yet most effective employee rewards.

People love getting public recognition for their efforts and this is a great way to say ‘Thank You’ and motivate them to keep up the good work.

Find a certificate template online and fill out the employee’s details.

Print it out and hang it on their desk, the office wall or the lounge area for everyone to see. An ‘Employee of the Month’ recognition works just as great and you can choose winners from different teams or departments and celebrate their achievements together.

  1. Memberships and Subscriptions

Employee rewarding through memberships is a great way to boost their productivity, encourage work-life balance, and stimulate better performance. This can be a magazine subscription, a month of their favorite online service or a membership to a club, website, or store.

Workers who spend time doing what they love, whether that’s playing an online game, reading their favorite magazine or blog, or receiving a monthly subscription package are happier and more motivated.

  1. Cover Some Expenses

If you want to reward an employee in an unusual, but groundbreaking way, pay for some of their major expenses. This can be a monthly mortgage payment, a month’s worth of student debt, their child’s kindergarten, transportation fees, or a month’s rent.

This amount may be insignificant for the company, but it will mean the world to the employee and motivate them to perform even better in the future.

Rewarding Performance Is Easy With These Tips!

Employees are the backbone of a successful company and their performance depends largely on how motivated they are to give their best.

With these tips, you’ll learn how to recognize the best employees and start rewarding performance on a regular basis.

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