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Paraphrasing is an efficient way to rewrite content by altering the source text. It is very tricky to come up with new innovative ideas every day. 

Taking ideas from others is a common way for writing content for every writer, either a blogger, freelance writer, content marketer, teacher, or student. 

But it is important to alter the source content as it is illegal to simply copy-paste someone else’s work. 

Manually rephrasing could be time-consuming and hassled so, to make it easier, hundreds of paraphrasing tools are generated. 

Every writer wants to produce SEO-friendly content to rank higher or search engines, and these days, advanced paraphrasing tools come in handy for this purpose. 

In this article, we will discuss a few tips to help you write SEO-friendly content using online paraphrasing tools. 

How is a paraphrasing tool beneficial for SEO? 

There are numerous benefits of using a paraphrasing tool to create SEO-friendly content. 

  • Unique content
  • Plagiarism-free content
  • Engaging 
  • Readable
  • Free of grammatical errors

All of these features are provided by these online tools. So, it’s safe to say that SEO experts like COOLBISON can rely on these tools to generate unique and engaging content. Let’s discuss a few tips in detail. 

Tips to Write SEO-Friendly content by using an online paraphrasing tool: 

There are many tips to create SEO content utilising a paraphrasing tool. 

  1. Unique Content

The first and foremost important rule of SEO is writing unique and original content. 

There should not be any duplication or copying of someone else’s work as it will be extremely disastrous to your content; you will lose the audience and chances of ranking. 

It is important to maintain originality. So, to help you achieve this goal and create an original version of the source text, these online paraphrasing tools are great. 

The tools work on the latest AI-based technologies and rephrase the content efficiently that it does not match the original version although the original meaning and concept are maintained. 

  1. Enhance Readability

It is important to create content that is easy to read by everyone. You never know who might be reading it, so it’s better to make it universal for everyone. 

Your text readers must understand the content and meaning. If not, they would tend to rush to dictionaries to find out every word, which will become time-consuming and hectic. 

As a result, the number of readers on your content will decrease. If you publish readable content, people will enjoy it and stick to it for longer. 

To help you in this regard, online paraphrasing tools are a great help. These tools rewrite phrases more simply. 

They work efficiently to eliminate any difficult terms and make the text easily readable by everyone regardless of age, niche, or country. 

  1. Plagiarism-Free Content

Plagiarism is known as using someone else’s work in your content and publishing it as yours. 

It is considered illegal and is hazardous to every type of writing, either in a freelance writing niche, blogging, marketing, exams, etc. It destroys the reliability of your work. 

Plagiarism is the main cause of low and destructive SEO ranking. It is almost impossible to detect plagiarism from your content manually, so using a paraphrasing tool will help you in this case.

These tools rewrite content with original terms and phrases so that the new version is unique and free of plagiarism. 

The tools do not copy any words from the source text. Everyone can rely on these tools to create an original version of the reference article. 

  1. Keyword Variation

Keywords are the key to SEO. It is impossible to get ranked on search engines without using proper relevant keywords in your text. 

Every SEO expert or learner is well aware of the importance of using keywords. Every user search for the relevant keywords, so it’s important that your text must contain all those keywords. 

Manually adding keywords may cause keyword stuffing, and their improper use. However, using an online paraphrasing tool will help you find out all the relevant keywords that would help you rank your content on the search engines. 

This enhanced keyword variation created by the use of paraphrasing tools will help you to make SEO-optimized content. 

  1. Better Engagement 

The more readers on your website, the more the chances of getting a higher ranking on search engines. Writing engaging content is a key factor for SEO. 

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter how quick your webpage loads, if the content is not appealing to the reader, they will leave. 

This might get your work in trouble as the decrease of the audience will cause you great loss. Your content must be relevant and interesting to read. Provide readers with a reason to stay on your page for longer. 

Coming up with creative ideas manually might get difficult, so using a paraphrasing tool instead will help you achieve your goals. These tools will rewrite the content in an engaging way. 

Paraphrasing tools: 

We have discussed how paraphrasing tools will help you achieve your SEO goals. 

As there are hundreds of choices available online, it might get complicated to choose the right tool. Don’t fret! We gave got the solution for it. 

One of the best online paraphrasing tool is PARAPHRASER.IO. We definitely vouch for this tool. It provides numerous incredible features to its users. 

The device enables you to work on three different modes (Fluency, Standard, Creative) to rewrite the content as per your requirements. 

It does human-level paraphrasing to create unique content while maintaining the original meaning. The tool operates on the latest AI-based technology for better performance.

Another tool is REPHRASE.INFO. This tool boosts your writing career. It creates original content to engage the audience. 

It allows unlimited paraphrasing with proper content safety. It paraphrases precisely to keep the text relevant and readable. 


Using online paraphrasing tools boosts your writing career as they work wonders to create SEO-friendly, unique and engaging content. 

These tools have made writing easier and hassle-free. Review the article to get your hands on the best paraphrasing tools. Another option is to try this SciSpace paraphrasing tool . This tool makes academic writing more clear and original with SciSpace’s Paraphraser. Write in more tones and languages than Quillbot, and humanize your text with their AI detector. SciSpace is specifically built for students and researchers for academic purposes.