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Why A Good Web Design Is Essential To Your Marketing

by on September 11, 2021 in Uncategorized

Good web design skills

Are you a marketer? How is your business going this year? Are you experiencing record traffic and conversions? If your strategy isn’t performing as you planned, it could be due to several factors, including your website design.

Good website design is essential to the success of your marketing strategy. This post unpacks the elements of web design that are critical to online marketing success. Implement them in your business and watch your traffic and conversions grow.

First Impressions

Your website provides your prospect with the first impression of your business. If the visitor lands on your site and it has a clean, minimalist, professional design with easy navigation, they’re going to stick around and see what your content has to offer.

Experts at the Manchester web design company say that you have less than three seconds to capture and hold your visitor’s attention. Using design elements that suck in the prospect’s attention from the moment they land on the site effectively gets them to engage with your content and take action on your CTAs and offers.

Brand Image and Awareness

Good website design elevates your brand image and the awareness of your website. Branding is a critical component of marketing designed to give you an independent status in the market, allowing your visitors to identify you from the competition.

Web design must focus on using design elements that resonate with your brand identity. For example, if you’re a law firm, premium fonts and cold colours like grey and black institute feelings of professionalism and trust in people looking for a competent lawyer.

Using the right designs, font, and design elements are critical to establishing your brand image online. Check out the design elements your competitors are using, and think of similar themes, or check out the latest web design trends in 2021 for some inspiration.

Build Trust

Good website design positions your site as a trustworthy source in your market. We’re sure you’ve had the experience of landing on a website, only to feel like it’s a scam site due to the design. The reality is that website design can make or break your user experience.

You need a design that inspires confidence in your prospects. Choosing design elements like trust badges and seals of quality on your checkout and product pages helps inspire visitor confidence. It’s also critical to ensure your site has an SSL certificate to ensure your website is secure. You’ll see it appear as a lock symbol with https before the URL.

SSL certificates are the gold standard in security for your site and a must-have element of your website design.

Set The Bar High For Customer Service

Adding live chatbots and a 24-hour customer service centre to your website increases your credibility with your visitors. When the prospect has a question, they click the live tab and connect with a customer service agent working on behalf of your business.

Outsourcing your customer service to competent companies allows you to leverage their skills while you work on other important areas of your business. Your customers get a better experience on your site, and you don’t have the hassle of dealing with customer service issues.

Enhance SEO And Keep Visitors On Your Site

A good website design keeps visitors on your pages. Think about the last time you visited a site with poor design; you probably can’t remember it, because why would you? If the site design doesn’t inspire a memorable experience for your visitor, you’re missing out on conversions.

Site loading speed also matters to your traffic dwell time on your web pages. If your site takes longer than three seconds to load, then you can expect massive traffic loss as they bounce back to search results. Your website’s fast loading times and easy navigation make people want to hang around and consume your content.

Increase Conversion On Your CTAs

Your Calls-to-Action is the button on your website asking your visitor to take action. The CTA could ask them to directly take up your offer or sign them up for your newsletter. Integrating CTAs with lead magnets is a great strategy for building your email list.

The lead magnet offers the prospect a freebie, such as exclusive content, in return for their name and email address. When they enter their details into the lead magnet, they get their freebie, and you get another qualified prospect for your online marketing campaigns.

The correct copy and placement for your CTAs require careful consideration, where you place the CTA and the words used to entice action matter.

Work With A Professional Web Design Company

Understanding the complexities involved with good website design is critical to the success of your site and marketing campaigns. However, as the business owner or marketer, you probably don’t have much technical expertise in optimizing your site design.

Why not save yourself the stress and hassle of attempting to do it yourself, and leave it to the professionals? With a dedicated, experienced, and reputable design team working on your website, you’re going to get results that achieve your business outcomes.

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